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Over 30 Years of Professional catering experience in UK and Europe

We are a hands on consultancy helping small catering businesses get off the ground. We can recruit, train, start up your business both back of house as well as front of house. We can create menus for your brand, or if you’ve taken over a business, we can develop menus around the equipment you have so that you don’t have to invest in expensive and unnecessary new kitchen equipment.

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Are you a manager or owner, have you lost your mojo or passion for the job? We offer business coaching sessions to get you back on track.

  • Small Business Setups
  • Staff Recruitment & Training
  • Menu & Wine List Design
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Over 30 Years Experience

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What We Can Do For You

Whether you are starting up a new catering business or reopening after a long lockdown, Roll Catering Consultancy & Business Coach can help with your set-up, training and procedures. We can advise on efficient and cost-effective procedures for both front of house and back of house as well as silver service.

We offer training in all of the essential skills, both practical and technical, required to run a successful catering or restaurant business. From carrying plates to completing the proper paperwork; we can help!

Staff Training

Bespoke coaching sessions and training for front of house and back of house, including Silver Service.

Food & Wine Menus

Designed and created specifically for your brand around the equipment you already have.

New Catering Businesses

We can help to make your business a success and won’t charge ridiculously expensive consultancy fees.

Existing Restaurateurs

Looking for a refresh or lost your spark? Get in touch, we can help get you back on track!

Our Founder & Director

Passionate About Great Service

With more than 30 years in the hospitality industry in and around Europe, working with top-class professionals & brands such as La Cucina, Real Madrid FC, The Ivy, Richoux, Strada, Pizza Express, Moschino, British Royal Family & many more, Suzanne Downward is passionate about great service and ideally qualified to advise.

All Catering Outlets

We Can Help

Roll Catering Consultancy & Business Coach provide services for all catering outlets such as restaurants, hotels, music venues, care homes, pubs, trains, sports venues etc. In fact, anything that provides a catering service we can help. We also provide private coaching to any owner/manager who needs guidance or to get back on track with the business.

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